Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science was created to empower people in a positive environment ultimately changing the communities where we live. Our mission is to teach the philosophy, principles and practice of Jeet Kune Do to encourage and develop respect and understanding while giving our students the power to protect themselves.

When Jeet Kune Do, aka JKD, was developed Bruce Lee had to break down countless barriers just to be able to teach at his schools. Here at Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science we use REAL TECHNIQUES. Today there are a number of JKD techniques being taught but they are little more than philosophies, having very little to do with the founding principles and intentions of Bruce Lee. Here you have access to this material in its most pure form.

Do you enjoy MMA? Many consider Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee to be the original MMA or Mixed Martial Art, due to JKD being made up of Wing Chun, American Boxing, and French Fencing Footwork. Why not give yourself the advantage that Bruce Lee gave his students, and add JKD to your art.



    1. Good afternoon Hailey,

      Our agreements start at a minimum of three months. At the end of the three month term, your agreement will transition to a month-to-month. At which time you will have the ability to continue on at a monthly basis if you choose.

      Also, yet, we do offer discounts for law enforcement and military personnel.

      The pricing will depend on the type of package that you receive. I would like to extend to you a two day trial period either in which you would come in to try the classes out for absolutely free.

      Please see our class schedule and let us know (by any form–phone, text, email, etc.) which date you would prefer to attend.


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