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Free Tai Chi and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu Event

In our continued effort to enhance the learning experience and make sure that our students are strong mentally and physically we are introducing Tai Chi and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu.



The BIG event will take place August 29th, 2015… starting at 10am (immediately following our cardio combat class) and will last until 2 pm.

Come and see how Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu and Tai Chi can make you a strong person in every day life and in a fight.

Remember our motto, “We train for the streets!”

Current Students find out how you can add Tai Chi to your current program on the 29th!

All New Students that come and want to join on Saturday we will be offering a special sign up package for the event when you opt for the complete student option.

While you are at our event take part in our other classes and see how each art flows together to make you UN-DEFEAT-ABLE!


Our complete students have access to all of our classes every month, unlimited. This includes Jeet Kune Do, Cardio Combat and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu. This is a total of 60 classes a month! 


Grand Opening Event



The time has come for us to officially open! If you have been waiting for the right time to join Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science… the time is NOW.

The Big Event

July 18, 2015, starting at 9 am and running until about 3 pm.

The day will kick off with our Cardio Combat training. This is one of our toughest events designed to push you past the limits you think you have. If you don’t know CK personally, living in Wilmington it is pretty tough to not at least know of him and how he makes you bring it!

There will be a children’s Jeet Kune Do Class, children starting at the age of 5 can take part in the class! Learn the basics of Jeet Kune Do, see what our experienced students have learned and what incredible mentors they can be to new students joining the school.

In the early afternoon we will have an adults’ Jeet Kune Do Class, both beginners and experienced students alike come to learn the real mixed martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is really where MMA got it’s start. When it comes to Jeet Kune Do instructors we are very fortunate to have Sifu Roosevelt (click on his name to read all about his incredible path to becoming Sifu)

Small Circle Brazilian Juijitsu will also take place our exciting day comes to an end.

Let’s not forget the incredible food that will be available for all of our attendees catered by the incredible Centsable Creations.

This will be your last chance to take advantage of all of our Grand Opening Specials as well!

Can’t make the event? Give us a call to find out how you can take advantage of our specials.

You can also support us by ordering a shirt here!

Already a student of Natural Style Fist… and survived a morning with CK? Show it off with this!

The New Year

It is rather exciting to think that the new year is just around the corner…

This year we have all gone through so many changes, overcome obstacles and celebrated joys. For Natural Style Fist part of the journey was going from Natural Style Fist School of Self Defense to Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science LLC. Now with a strong team to support the school we are looking forward to 2015 to be a record breaking year for us.

To all our dedicated students a heartfelt “Thank You,” for sticking with us over the years and embracing the transformation we are going through, know that it is because of your dedication that we are willing and able to move forward, to improve, to take all of us to even better places.

Know that as we ring in the New Year, part of what we will be celebrating is the inclusion of all of you in our family here at Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science. We thank you deeply for allowing us to be part of your family as well!

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Encourage your family and friends to reach out to us and join the school. Awesome things are going to be happening this year and we would love to have them all be part of it!