Free Tai Chi and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu Event

In our continued effort to enhance the learning experience and make sure that our students are strong mentally and physically we are introducing Tai Chi and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu.



The BIG event will take place August 29th, 2015… starting at 10am (immediately following our cardio combat class) and will last until 2 pm.

Come and see how Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu and Tai Chi can make you a strong person in every day life and in a fight.

Remember our motto, “We train for the streets!”

Current Students find out how you can add Tai Chi to your current program on the 29th!

All New Students that come and want to join on Saturday we will be offering a special sign up package for the event when you opt for the complete student option.

While you are at our event take part in our other classes and see how each art flows together to make you UN-DEFEAT-ABLE!


Our complete students have access to all of our classes every month, unlimited. This includes Jeet Kune Do, Cardio Combat and Small Circle Brazilian Jujitsu. This is a total of 60 classes a month!