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Anti-Bullying Summer Camp


Huge Announcement

We are very excited to announce our very first summer camp. We are even more excited about the theme, anti-bullying.

Everywhere we go we meet students and families who face the vicious realities of bullying everyday. Too often bullying is “looked at” as a problem, when our work and active research tells that bullying is an outcome of many different and diverse issues. At Natural Style Fist School of Combative Science, we believe that inspiring, empowering, and preparing students to be change agents and leaders in action is the solution.

We realize that we can be doing more to help more children, so we put together a summer camp where the goal is have students understand that they must play an active role in being a solution and willing to stand up and stand out when the time comes, because it will.

Natural Style Fist also realizes that it is never to young to start empowering children, especially in today’s world, so our camp starts at age 5 and goes to 15. No, we aren’t saying that teens over the age of 15 don’t get bullied. They do, and we have a program for them as well. For teens between the ages of 16 and 18 that are interested in learning more about Jeet Kune Do, that want to boost self confidence and even enhance athletic performance we have a summer program for you as well.

By the end of the summer we want each of our students to be strong, feel empowered and be able to protect themselves and those they care about from bullies. Students will become ambassadors of good will and empowerment.

Program Details

Our Anti-Bullying Summer Camp starts on June 8, 2015 and finishes September 4, 2015. If you would like your child to attend but all summer isn’t an option we do have four 3 week sessions, where your child can sign up for 1 or more sessions.

Camp Day Breakdown

8:45 am – Arrival

9:00 am – Morning Yoga/Stretch or Calisthenics

10 am – 2:30pm – Field trip (depending on the day of the week) or Arts/Music, Education, Empowerment and lunch

2:30pm – 4pm – Jeet Kune Do

4:15pm – Pick Up

A more concrete schedule will be given each week to allow for planning as far as field trips. We do ask that all students bring their own lunch and a snack.


Session 1 – June 15th – the week of the 29th

Session 2 – July 6 thru the week of the 20th

Session 3 – July 27th thru the week of Aug. 8th

Session 4 – Aug. 17th thru September 4th


Please contact us to get rates.

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Summer Camp Flyer for Red Clay